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About Carrier Global

Modern air conditioning was invented in July of 1902 by the one and only Willis Carrier, also known as “The Father of Modern Air Conditioning.” Carrier earned that nickname because of his dedication throughout the course of a half of a century to improve the efficiency of his invention and its industrial production. By 1915, Willis had partnered with six engineers from the Buffalo Forge Company – which specialized in the manufacturing of forges used by blacksmiths and steam engines, drilling machines, and pumps. Together the group combined seed money to form the Carrier Engineering Corporation

The company started manufacturing, selling and distributing HVAC systems, in addition to commercial refrigeration and foodservice equipment. By the 1950s, however, Carrier started marketing residential A/C systems, which resulted in more people moving to some of the warmer regions of the U.S., increasing populations in those hotter climates. In 1955, the Carrier Engineering Corporation merged with Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc., which also owned the Bryant Heater Co., Payne Furnace & Supply Co., and Day & Night Water Heater Co. When the United Technology Corporation purchased the Carrier Air Conditioning Company in July 1979, its name was changed to the Carrier Corporation.

In addition to many contributions to society, Carrier has made a number of significant contributions to the HVAC industry. In 1917, the pioneering company hired the first female A/C engineer in the U.S., Margaret Ingels, during a time in history when lawmakers started to consider giving women the right to vote.

Additionally, Carrier has gone to great lengths to try to make the HVAC industry more environmentally friendly. Their commitment to adopting a safer cooling refrigerant, for instance, was realized and in practice, before regulations were made into law concerning the use of the new, safer, types of refrigerants that all HVAC manufacturers used today In 2011, Carrier introduced a new technology, Greenspeed™ intelligence, which they featured in their Infinity® heat pump. This resulted in the greatest heating efficiency of any air source heat pump.

According to Modernize, a company that connects consumers to local HVAC companies in line with their needs, Carrier ranks among the top three HVAC brands out there. Considering Carrier’s lengthy history of excellence and advancements in the HVAC industry, their motto “Turn To The Experts” is merited. They are the manufacturer of choice for thousands of dealers. 

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