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About Trane Supply

 Originally started as a family plumbing company in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Trane Inc., has grown into a global manufacturer over the past century. Now based out of Swords, Ireland, Trane Inc. makes HVAC systems in addition to management systems. The founder, James Trane, was a Norwegian immigrant. He originally opened the business as a plumbing and pipe-fitting shop in 1885. They incorporated as The Trane Company back in 1913.

Ten years later, Reuben’s invention of the convector radiator earned the company prominence for their innovations. Reuben furthered those innovations in 1925 when he came up with a new convector radiator that would replace the old, outdated, bulky, and heavy cast-iron radiators of that time.

In 1931, the company went further to develop its first line of air conditioning units. In 1982, Trane acquired the Central Air Conditioning Division of General Electric. With that acquisition, a lot of the company’s well-known traits took root, such as the red Climatuff® compressors, and are still being used to this day. In 1984, Trane was bought by American Standard Inc.

Today, they are both subsidiaries of Ingersoll Rand and still sell HVAC equipment branded as Trane and American Standard. Trane maintains a robust global presence and continues to grow at an exceptional pace. At the heart of that growth is a legacy borne of the same values that characterized that Wisconsin plumbing business a century ago. According to Modernize, a company connecting consumers to local HVAC companies in line with their needs, Trane is among the top 5 of all HVAC brands on the market.

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