Jan 1, 2024 | Air Filter, Attic Insulation, Ceiling Fan, Condenser, Ductwork, HVAC Habits, HVAC System, Maintenance, Smart Thermostat, Vents

It’s the beginning of January, and we’ve got a brand-new year ahead of us! By now, you might have set some New Year’s resolutions to improve different areas of your life. Whether it’s finances, academics, fitness, or personal goals, there are plenty of ways to make positive changes. Fun fact: Did you know that the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions goes way back to the ancient Babylonians? They started it as a way to honor their king and ensure a successful farming season.  

So, what’s the connection between all of this and HVAC? Well, your folks over at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton want to lend a hand in improving your HVAC maintenance habits as well. Naturally, as a homeowner, you want your system to keep running smoothly for as long as possible. Achieving this is as simple as making a few tweaks to your HVAC habits with these eight tips: 

  1. YOUR SEASONAL MAINTENANCE CHECKS – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it until we are blue in the face – your seasonal maintenance checks are important! We know it can be tempting to skip a check when everything seems fine, but remember, it’s about preventive care. Sometimes, unnoticed issues can turn into bigger problems if left unattended. Don’t risk long-term damage to your unit. Plus, skipping checks voids your warranty. This year, don’t wait for a breakdown. Stay up to date with seasonal maintenance by scheduling one for your AC in the spring and one for your furnace before its first use in the fall. 
  1. YOUR AIR FILTERS – Here’s one of the easiest things you can do to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly all year round! When your air filters get clogged with dust and particles, they make your system work harder to push out air. And you know what that means – higher energy bills and added strain on your system! So, make it your goal this year to check and change those filters every 1-2 months as recommended. It’s a small step that can make a big difference! 
  1. YOUR HVAC VENTS – Did you know that dusty vents can mess with your home’s air quality and make your HVAC system less efficient? So, it’s a good idea to add cleaning your HVAC vents to your regular routine. That way, you’ll keep those vents dust-free and enjoy better air quality overall. 
  1. YOUR THERMOSTAT – Still using a regular thermostat at home? Well, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a smart thermostat, this year is the perfect time to hop on board! So, what’s all the hype about? Smart thermostats let you control your home’s temperature remotely, saving energy and keeping your HVAC system in check while you’re at work or away. You can even schedule temperature settings to match your weekly routine. And the best part? There are plenty of affordable options out there. So, kickstart your year the smart way with a smart thermostat. Give us a call to chat about your options! 
  1. YOUR ATTIC INSULATION – If your HVAC system seems like it’s always running or if there are rooms in your home that aren’t well regulated, it could be because of insufficient insulation in your attic. When you don’t have enough insulation, it can cause temperature changes in your home and put extra strain on your HVAC system to maintain the temperature. If you can somehow safely check the insulation depth in your attic, we recommend doing so. According to industry standards, you should have at least ten inches of insulation. If you find out your attic insulation is less than that, we highly recommend considering a plan to upgrade your insulation this year. 
  1. YOUR CEILING FANS AND LIGHT FIXTURES – Dirty ceiling fans and light fixtures can mess up your home’s air quality and put extra strain on your HVAC system. So, it’s a good idea to add them to your HVAC resolutions and make sure to include them in your cleaning routine. 
  1. YOUR CONDENSER – Making it a habit to regularly check and clear the area around your condenser can help you avoid any unnecessary issues or breakdowns. Even during the winter when the AC isn’t in use, it’s a good idea to still give the condenser a quick look and make sure nothing has fallen onto or near it. Better safe than sorry! 
  1. YOUR DUCTWORK – Do you remember the last time you got your ducts cleaned? Having dirty or clogged ductwork can really mess with your HVAC system’s efficiency and the quality of air inside your home. After all, it’s responsible for distributing air throughout your place. So, if it’s all filled with dust, pet fur, and other debris from previous years, it’s definitely going to impact the indoor air quality (IAQ). Usually, it’s recommended to get your ducts cleaned every three to five years. If it’s been a while since you had this done (especially with pets around), make it a priority to get it done this year.   

By incorporating these eight HVAC resolutions into your year, you’ll be on track to a healthier, more efficient HVAC system. Remember, prevention is key to avoiding unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Good practices will keep HVAC mishaps at bay and can help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system, resulting in a hopefully trouble-free and smoother year for you! 

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