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Here at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and comfort. Now that spring is here, with its warm weather in tow – if you have an older air conditioning unit, it may be nearing the end of its life cycle sooner than expected. We believe it is essential to understand that more goes into the decision to obtain a new AC than just having an old unit. We strongly suggest assessing all elements before deciding if upgrading your air conditioning system would be ideal for your home. So, don’t worry; we have everything you need right here to make sure you are making the most informed choice possible! 


The expected life of an air conditioning unit may range from 12-17 years, though this depends on the specific type of AC model and how well it has been cared for over the years. With that in mind, this factor should give you a good idea if your cooling system is nearing its end and when you should start looking over your upgrade options.


1. Energy Costs: Is your monthly energy bill higher than you expect, even after taking steps to reduce energy consumption? As air conditioners age and lose efficiency, they need more power in order to keep temperatures regulated. Your AC’s energy usage should account for approximately 46% of your overall bill; if it’s much greater than this number, consider upgrading soon! 

2. Inconsistent Temperatures: An air conditioning unit is not just created to cool the inside of your home but also to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. If you find that the temperatures keep fluctuating, this serves as an indicator that it can no longer effectively perform its designed purpose and could be in need of repair or replacement. 

3. Loud Noises, Odors, & Dust: When your air conditioner is put under too much strain, it will start to display signs that something’s wrong. Listen for loud noises, and look out for strange smells and an abundance of dust, as these are telltale symptoms of a malfunctioning AC unit. 

  • Noises – If your air conditioning used to hum regularly while turned on but now produces an incessant racket, it’s likely that you need a replacement unit. Many times, the issue likely is that your current AC hasn’t been sized appropriately according to the square footage of your home, resulting in an overworked system. Therefore, some investigation and assessment might be necessary before making any decisions regarding purchasing new equipment. 
  • Odors – An obvious sign that something is wrong with your AC system is foul odors. Whether it’s mold or mildew in the ductwork or a refrigerant leak, you’ll be able to detect these smells rather quickly. But if you act fast and address the issue promptly, it can still possibly be rectified. Otherwise, you’d have to evaluate all your options for replacing the entire unit altogether. 
  • Dust – If you’re tired of seeing dust accumulate in your home, no matter how hard you clean, there could be an issue with the ducts. Over time, ductwork can deteriorate and develop gaps or holes that cause dust to spread throughout your house. Let us help – we have NATE-certified technicians who will assess the problem and provide a solution quickly!   

4. Frequent Repairs: As we discussed before, maintenance and upkeep are indispensable for increasing your AC’s lifespan. Frequent inspections of your HVAC system are key to preventing breakdowns during peak times. However, if you have an aging unit that requires continual repairs here and there, it may be time to face the fact that it has reached its end of life. Repair costs may appear to be a more economical choice, but when you consider their cumulative cost plus your skyrocketing energy bills, investing in an upgrade is actually much wiser.  

5. R22 Refrigerant: With the advancement of technology, modern air conditioners are now moving away from outdated and unregulated R22 refrigerant. So, refilling your system with a compatible and still compliant-friendly refrigerant can be quite expensive. Thankfully, due to technological progress, we have access to more eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling systems! Adopting new energy-efficient developments will not only save you money each month on your utilities, but they also emit significantly fewer carbon emissions. This leads to a cleaner indoor atmosphere and is incredibly beneficial for the environment.   

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