April Fool’s Day – the day when many take advantage of the gullible to pull a simple prank. However, Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton is not in the business of making fools out of anyone! Our aim today is to dispel common HVAC myths because misinformation about HVAC systems is in abundance. This makes it challenging enough to sift through endless bits of misinformation. As your trusted local heating and cooling experts, we’re here to guide you in distinguishing fact from fiction and implementing effective practices to ensure your HVAC system’s longevity.  

HVAC Myth Number One- The lower or Higher You Set the Temperature, the Quicker Your Home Will Be Cooled or Warmed     

This first myth may catch many people off guard. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you urgently need to cool down (or warm up) your home quickly, so you adjust the thermostat to a lower/higher setting, hoping it will speed things up? Unfortunately, that’s not how your thermostat and HVAC system operate. Most systems maintain a consistent airflow rate regardless of the temperature setting. So, whether you choose 50 degrees or 70 degrees, the air will be distributed at the same rate. Ultimately, this means adjusting to an extreme temperature only results in unnecessary energy consumption. 

Counter this common misconception by setting your thermostat to your actual preferred temperature. Let your system work at its own pace. For enhanced energy efficiency and convenience in regulating your home’s temperature, think about installing a smart thermostat if you don’t already have one. When you’re away, you’ll have the convenience of adjusting the temperature using your smartphone before returning home, reducing the need for “a quick temperature” once you’re back. 

HVAC Myth Number Two- The Placement of Your Thermostat Does Not Matter 

Many believe that the placement of the thermostat does not matter, but we strongly disagree! We’ve seen many DIY projects where thermostats have ended up in less-than-ideal spots. Keep in mind that proper thermostat placement is vital as it communicates with the HVAC system to regulate air distribution effectively. For instance, If your thermostat is positioned near a heat source such as direct sunlight, a fireplace, a heater, or a drafty area like an exit door or window, it can lead to inaccurate temperature readings. These false readings may cause your thermostat to miscommunicate with your HVAC system, resulting in inconsistent temperatures across your home.   

Counter this common misconception by ensuring your thermostat is positioned inside an interior wall, such as a hallway, and well away from heat sources or drafty spaces. You can also consider consulting a licensed HVAC technician for installation if you lack experience in this area. 

HVAC Myth Number Three- The Air Filters Do Not Need to Be So Changed So Often 

The air filter myth discussion is that air filters do not really need to be changed that often. But, according to industry standards, HVAC air filters should be replaced every 30-60 days to maintain indoor air quality and system efficiency. Despite this, many individuals underestimate the necessity of frequent replacements. However, considering that HVAC systems operate continuously throughout the week to prevent dust and airborne particles from entering homes, timely filter changes are crucial for optimal performance and overall health. 

Counter this common misconception by ensuring you change your air filters every 1-2 months as recommended. You can also elevate your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by opting to use top-notch HEPA air filters.   

HVAC Myth Number Four- Preventative Maintenance Is Not Essential 

We have saved this myth for last because it is one of the most common misconceptions, but it is crucial to prioritize your preventative maintenance. While no one can force you to schedule seasonal maintenance checks, they should NOT be considered optional by homeowners. Just like you wouldn’t go years without visiting a doctor, the same principle applies to your HVAC system. Your AC unit and furnace are intricate machinery that work tirelessly to keep you and your family comfortable around the clock. Regular professional inspections ensure smooth operation and fine-tuning to keep everything running efficiently.   

Counter this common misconception by keeping up with your regular maintenance checks as recommended. Generally, you should be scheduling a seasonal maintenance check for your AC unit one time in the spring or early summer and one time for your furnace in the fall. This will help extend the longevity of your system and ensure your units are set up to successfully handle the season ahead. As a plus, whenever you keep up with your seasonal maintenance checks, it keeps the warranty from your equipment manufacturer valid! 

Do not fall for these common HVAC myths; rely on the expertise of your local NATE-certified technicians at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton. Stay informed through us about your HVAC system. While some HVAC myths may appear harmless, they can lead to damage, wasted energy, higher bills, and other costly mistakes that could harm your HVAC system in the long run. 

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