Nov 1, 2023 | Furnace, Age, Heating Unit, Maintenance, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Label, Owner's Manual, Repair, Replacement, Warranty

Your furnace plays a critical role in keeping your home warm and comfortable, especially during the colder months. But just like any other large appliance, furnaces have a limited lifespan. So, whether you’re moving into a new home or your current furnace has been around for a couple of decades, it’s important to know the age of your furnace for maintenance, repair, and replacement planning. In this blog, Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton will help walk you through various methods to determine the age of your furnace. Let’s get started! 

Do You Know Why Understanding the Age of Your Furnace is Crucial?  

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to make sure your furnace runs efficiently and safely during the colder months. On top of that, when you schedule your seasonal maintenance appointments, it’s beneficial for the HVAC technician to know the approximate age of your heating unit beforehand. 
  • Repair: If your furnace starts acting up, having an idea of its age can help you determine if it’s better to fix it or consider getting a new unit. 
  • Replacement: Furnaces generally last around 15-20 years. If your furnace is getting close to or has surpassed this age, it could be a good idea to start planning for a replacement. 
  • Warranty: Most furnaces actually come with manufacturer warranties that are valid for a certain number of years. So, by keeping track of the age of your unit, you can figure out if you still have any warranty coverage left.  

Did You Check the Owner’s Manual? 

One of the easiest ways to determine the age of your furnace is by referring to the owner’s manual. This handy booklet usually includes details about the installation date or the manufacturing date of the unit, giving you a good estimate of its age. So, if you happen to still have the manual that came with your furnace, start by checking the introductory section or a dedicated “Specifications” page for this information.  

Did You Search for the Manufacturer’s Label? 

Just in case you don’t have the owner’s manual any more or can’t find the date in it, no worries! Your next best option is to check for a manufacturer’s label on the furnace. You’ll usually find it on the inside of the furnace cabinet or on the side of the unit itself. This label is helpful as it contains a wealth of information, like the model number, serial number, and manufacturing date.  

  1. To find the manufacturing date, keep an eye out for a series of letters or numbers in the serial number. It represents the date, but remember, each brand may have its own coding system.  
  1. Just a friendly reminder, some manufacturers may include a specific date of manufacture in a more straightforward format, like “MFG Date: MM/YYYY.” 

Did You Try Contacting the Manufacturer?  

If the serial number or manufacturer’s label doesn’t provide clear information about the furnace’s age, no problem! You can always try reaching out to the manufacturer directly. Most reputable furnace manufacturers have a customer service or support team line that can help you determine the age of your unit based on the serial number or other identifying information. So don’t hesitate to give them a call if necessary! 

Did You Have Your Seasonal Maintenance Check Completed?  

If you have not yet had your seasonal furnace check completed, you should consider doing so as soon as possible. During this check, your technician can also identify the manufacturing date and provide valuable insight into the furnace’s condition and estimated remaining lifespan. It’s a great opportunity to stay on top of servicing your furnace for optimal performance. So, let’s stay on top of scheduling those regular seasonal checks!  

Knowing the age of your furnace is crucial to keep your home warm and cozy. You definitely don’t want your furnace to give up on you when you need it the most, right? But don’t worry! By following the methods listed here, you can easily determine the age of your furnace. This will help you make an informed decision about your heating system.  

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