Top Reasons for an A/C Unit Breakdown

Aug 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

Like most people, maintaining your A/C uint is the last thing on your mind until it begins to breakdown is when you start noticing problems. We understand that not everyone is excited about their A/C maintenance, which is why we’re here to help. Our trusted technicians at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton have put together some of the common situations that can cause an A/C to breakdown.  

Faulty Fuse or Circuit Breaker

In many cases of an AC breakdown, one of the first actions to take should be to check your fuse or circuit breaker. In the instance that you need to reset the breaker box or replace a fuse, you should let your system cool down for at least 15 minutes. If this doesn’t fix your problem at hand, you should call a professional at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton to come out and diagnose the issue.  

Refrigerant Leaks

A different reason your AC may not be functioning correctly could be because of refrigerant levels within the system. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous and need to be repaired by a licensed technician as soon as possible, especially because refrigerant is so toxic to the environment.

Frozen Over Coils

To avoid frozen over coils, routine washing or replacing the air filter in your AC and maintaining your ductwork are two great rules to obey. Congested ductwork or filthy air filters can cause a lack of airflow, which can cause coils to freeze over. By inspecting your unit regularly, looking out for frost around the coils of your system can help avoid inevitable problems.

Damaged AC Parts

If your AC is five years or older, your system could be at risk for impending breakdowns. However, regular maintenance will help find any damaged or worn parts before they become more extensive repairs.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance  

We cannot stress enough that annual maintenance is essential for the overall production of your AC. At least once a year, an AC expert should inspect and thoroughly clean the condenser coils. When an AC is neglected, it can cause your manufacturer’s warranty to become voided. This can be incredibly frustrating if you experience an issue that the warranty could’ve covered if it was adequately taken care of and serviced.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If you own a thermostat that is not operating correctly, your A/C unit may be overworking itself and cycling on and off often when it doesn’t need to. With the help of modern technology, thermostats have come a very long way. Thankfully, today’s thermostats can be adjusted at the touch of a finger or remotely on your mobile device and can learn your AC preferences. In addition, a smart thermostat can create a schedule for setting temperatures in your home at certain times of the day by learning your overall temperature patterns. 

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