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In the realm of proper etiquette, it may be considered impolite to inquire about a woman’s age, but when it comes to your air conditioner, this rule doesn’t apply. As responsible homeowners, we strongly encourage you to be well-informed about the age of your air conditioning unit. While seemingly trivial, understanding the age and condition of your AC holds significant value. It equips you to make informed decisions, especially if you’ve noticed a decline in your AC’s efficiency or encountered other issues. This is because air conditioners typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years, contingent on proper maintenance, making it essential to know your AC’s age so you are not blindsided if it is nearing its “deathbed.” 

Follow the steps provided by our favorite experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton to figure out the age of your air conditioner: 

Step One: Locating the Manufacture Date on the Condenser 

Our first step entails venturing outside, where the outdoor unit, known as the condenser, is situated. This is the large metal box that is typically positioned in the backyard or occasionally located on the side of the house. You’ll find a nameplate on one side of the unit, which contains comprehensive information about the system. Direct your attention to the top of the nameplate, as the manufacture date may be located in the upper right-hand corner and labeled as MFR DATE or something along those lines. Wording may vary from model to model. If you don’t find it at first glance, proceed to step number two below. 

Step Two: Finding the Manufacturer’s Date Online 

Should you be unable to locate the required date, document the model, brand, and serial number from the nameplate. Alternatively, a quick picture of the nameplate can serve you just as well. Utilizing any online search engine, input these three details along with the phrase “manufacture date” in your query. This should lead to several websites offering comprehensive instructions on deciphering the manufacture date specific to your AC model. With a bit of investigative work and determination, you’ll successfully unveil the exact age of your air conditioner. 

Encountering Difficulty? 

Our team is here to assist you. If you continue to struggle in pinpointing the exact manufacture date, our highly-skilled technicians will be more than willing to determine your AC’s age during your next seasonal HVAC checkup. 

Next Steps: 

Now that you’ve unraveled the mystery and know your air conditioner’s age, the subsequent challenge is assessing whether it requires an upgrade or understanding the reason behind its efficiency decline. For an in-depth discussion on these matters, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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