Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function? 

Aug 5, 2022 | A/C, Air Conditioner, Air Filter, Blog, Dayton, Five Star, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

You’ve just added a high-efficiency air conditioning system to your home. It’s efficient, lowers your energy bill, and most of all, keeps you and your family cool and comfortable. But what exactly does it do? Are you familiar with the components and how they operate together? Even if you’re not an HVAC specialist, Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton thinks it’s important for homeowners to understand how their AC systems work. When you stay ready, you won’t be alarmed or perplexed as to whether or not you should make an educated decision if the need ever arises. Of course, we hope this doesn’t happen! But if it does, don’t worry; your Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton family is here for you! We’ll discuss the 7 crucial components of air conditioner operation in this blog. 

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is generally located inside your air handler. The refrigerant in your system is cooled before it goes into the evaporator coil, ensuring that it remains at a low temperature. As the warm air from your house enters your AC, it is dispersed over the evaporator coil, which cools the air down as efficiently as possible. 

Air Filter

Before the cool air is sent throughout your house, it goes through your system’s air filters to remove any airborne particles and pollutants. This is a crucial component in the mechanics of the AC since it may have an impact on the general health and wellbeing of everyone in your home. 

Blower Fan

The blower fan is located inside the air handler and blows cool air over the evaporator coil to lower the temperature. Then, after that, cold air is blown into each duct in your house and then throughout your home. 

Expansion Valve

Next up, we’ll discuss the expansion valve. It’s between the condenser and evaporator. When refrigerant becomes a liquid, it loses heat absorption ability. To compensate for this, the refrigerant expands in the expansion valve to become gas. This is accomplished by coming into contact with a little pressure, which causes the refrigerant to rapidly cool. The now gaseous, cooled refrigerant then continues on its way into the evaporator coils where it repeats the whole air conditioning process again. 


A compressor’s primary purpose is to compress. Pretty straightforward, right? When warm vapor reaches the compressor, it is compressed and converted into a hot liquid. It is then cooled and expanded again, allowing any heat within the air to be removed. 

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil’s role is to take heat from the refrigerant and send it outside, whereas the evaporator coil’s duty is quite the opposite. This component of your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is housed within the outdoor unit. 


Thermostats are the most recognized air conditioning element among homeowners. They’re a component of your HVAC system and are used to regulate the temperature within your home and operate all the various HVAC settings. 

That concludes our lesson, and here you have a list of all the components that make up your air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system is made up of seven parts each with its own function in order for everything to work properly together. Despite the fact that each component has its role, the whole system would not work right if a component were to fail. We hope this was helpful to you and will put your mind at ease as you continue using your AC this summer! And remember, if any issues or concerns come up with your AC system, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away! You can get in contact with us at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton by calling (937) 708-8278, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here