What Is Indoor Air Quality & Why Is It Important?

Mar 25, 2022 | Dehumidifier, Air Filter, Blog, Dayton, Humidifier, HVAC, IAQ, OH, Ohio, Thermostat

When it comes to air quality, our minds tend to equate it with outdoor pollution. However, indoor air quality is absolutely important too! You may be wondering what indoor air quality is and how it is a relevant topic to you, your home, and your family. Well, don’t scratch your head just yet. We got your back! Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air in and around your home. It is essential because the air quality you and your family are exposed to can create short-term and long-term side effects involving your health. Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton is here to inform and walk you through the process of improving the IAQ in your home.

How Do Air Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Before you get discouraged and think that improving the IAQ in your home will be a long, complicated process, read on. The most straightforward way to raise the air quality within your home is through your air filters. Easy peasy! Your HVAC system already has filters. So the key is to change them out regularly as recommended. Our NATE-certified technicians say it is wise to change your filters every 30-60 days. Since filters are made to trap lingering dust particles, allergens, dander, and other contaminants, it makes sense to stay on top of changing these out regularly. If a filter is not changed out as often as it should be, this results in the air being blown from the HVAC system to collide with the clogged filter. This is not ideal as it strains the unit and reduces its effectiveness. Furthermore, any air that passes through the dirty air filter releases the contaminants back into the air, allowing them to once again circulate freely throughout the home.

How Does the iWave-R Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Perhaps an air purification system is something you have been considering. If so, we recommend the iWave-R! It is a whole home purification system that works with your current HVAC unit. We highly recommend considering the iWave-R as it is a self-cleaning and low maintenance system. If you want a reliable way to eradicate those airborne viruses and pesky impurities, the iWave-R may be the route to go. Call us today for more information!

How Does a Thermostat Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Many smart thermostats come with a variety of advanced features. While smart thermostats are known for their energy-efficient benefits, they can also detect poor indoor air quality. The Nest Learning Thermostat, for example, will automatically turn on your HVAC system’s fan to direct the bad air to the return ducts. If you don’t have a smart thermostat installed in your home, there are quite a few affordable options, and as a plus, it will most definitely save you money on your energy bills in the long run. 

How Do Humidifier & Dehumidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Professionals say the levels of humidity in a home should be around 30%-50%. That being said, a few factors, such as your home’s structure and the season it is, will affect your home’s humidity levels. When humidity levels are too low, it results in dry air, creating side effects such as dry or cracked skin, breathing and sleeping issues, or bloody noses. On the other hand, when humidity levels are too high, it creates overly moisturized air. Excessive moisture in the air can harm you and your family’s health as it enables mold and mildew growth. Depending on what issue you may be encountering with your IAQ, a humidifier or dehumidifier will be the perfect solution to your air quality issues. There are many different types available on the market that range from tabletop components to whole-home systems. Call us today to discuss the best option for you and your home.

A one-time exposure to a pollutant will not always immediately cause a reaction. It may take several exposures before you start to notice the side effects. In addition, keep in mind that everyone responds differently to various pollutants. So while one individual may show adverse reactions, another individual in your home may not. Give it time to pinpoint the source and remove it from your home accordingly. Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton would feel honored to team up with you as you continue your journey to improve the indoor air quality in your home. If you have any questions about these various ways to improve your home air quality, please call (937) 708-8278, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!