We Service Equipment from all HVAC Manufacturers in Dayton, OH

We at Five Star Heating & Cooling Dayton staff highly skilled technicians with years of hands-on, industry experience. In our experience, we’ve gathered that there isn’t a single HVAC brand out there that we can’t service! We can repair, maintain, or install ANY brand of HVAC equipment, no matter the age, make, or model. To make your buying or service decisions a little less stressful, we’ve put together a showcase of a few top-HVAC manufacturers so you can learn more about each company. Interested in purchasing equipment from a brand we’ve mentioned? Give us a call today at (937) 708-8278 for more information.

About Carrier Global

Modern air conditioning was invented in July of 1902 by the one and only Willis Carrier, also known as “The Father of Modern Air Conditioning.” Carrier earned that nickname because of his dedication throughout the course of a half of a century to improve the efficiency of his invention and its industrial production. By 1915, Willis had partnered with six engineers from the Buffalo Forge Company – which specialized in the manufacturing of forges used by blacksmiths, as well as steam engines, drilling machines, and pumps. Together the group combined seed money to form the Carrier Engineering Corporation

About Goodman Manufacturing

A subsidiary of the most comprehensive HVAC manufacturer in the world, (the Daikin Group), Goodman Manufacturing was founded in 1975 by Harold Goodman, who sold HVAC systems at the time. Although he began with manufacturing plastic blade registers and flexible air ducts, Goodman hoped to one day be able to sell affordable HVAC equipment to families throughout the world. He was able to reach that goal in 1982 when his company, Goodman Manufacturing, bought Janitrol, an HVAC company.

About Trane Supply

Originally started as a family plumbing company in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Trane Inc., has grown into a global manufacturer over the past century. Now based out of Swords, Ireland, Trane Inc. makes HVAC systems in addition to management systems. The founder, James Trane, was a Norwegian immigrant. He originally opened the business as a plumbing and pipe-fitting shop in 1885. They incorporated as The Trane Company back in 1913.

About Lennox

Featuring the world’s first riveted-steel furnace, Lennox got its start in 1895. Since then, the company has remained a leader in the HVAC industry, offering innovative technologies with a dedication to overall efficiency. Lennox first developed its products to include residential central A/C systems in 1952. To this day, Lennox is considered the world’s leading commercial and residential HVAC innovator.

About Rheem Manufacturing

A worldwide leader in the manufacturing of commercial and residential HVAC systems, the Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded by Richard and Donald Rheem; Rheem got its start in 1925 making steel drums in partnership with Pacific Galvanizing Company. In 1930, the Rheem Manufacturing Company purchased Pacific Galvanizing and Republic Steel which enabled them to get into the business of making water heaters, which they still make to this day.

About Bryant

Ever since Charles Bryant started making HVAC equipment more than a century ago, the Bryant name has been a mainstay in homes throughout the country. Because of their innovative designs, the Bryant brand has been around since 1908. Bryant has made reliability and comfort top priority above everything else. Because of the company’s dedication to new technology, it wasn’t long until they were among the most well-known names in the HVAC industry.